Production wood

A long stone’s throw from Lemvig Fjord. This is where you find the wood manufacturer where all Bruunmunch furniture is made. The large, old factory buildings are filled with the scent of wood. An oak tree may be up to 40 metres high. For the quality-conscious, this is a reliable choice for furniture manufacturing.

Oak is not only used because it is durable, but also because it gives a visual experience. Oak possesses a beautiful colour palette and also a glow which adds unique shades to the expression.
Oak contains substances which provide resistance to wear and rot, and with a closed structure, it is almost impossible for water to penetrate and destroy it.

The employees at the factory all have years of experience working with wood. The Danish hands, which persistently work with the wood and the Bruunmunch furniture, work from old traditions of fine Danish craftsmanship.

Quality, thoroughness, meticulousness and pride are values that go hand in hand with the manufacturing in the old timber workshop. The sound of the teeth on the saw which bite the oak, the scent of wood and the eyes that focus all melt together with Bruunmunch’s preferred and carefully chosen Danish manufacturer.

It is important to Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun that their wood furniture is manufactured in Denmark at a Danish company with traditions. All products are marked with a numbered stainless steel badge.


At Bruunmunch Furniture we recommend the strong leading danish fabric supplier Kvadrat.
Strongly rooted in traditional construction techniques and craftsmanship, our style has evolved into a niche of its own, interpreting previous design aesthetics from the 1950 ́s and 60 ́s and renewing them to fit a modern lifestyle.

We design and produce high-end contemporary furniture with identity using tough lasting materials. We have more than 30 years of experience in the design – and the development of upholstered furniture, construction techniques, materials and production.

Our structure frames are hand build from European plywood, and the seat frames are built from solid European pine mounted with Nosag Springs. Nosag Spring ensure high comfort and long durability.
Our sofas are constructed using only Eco-Tex labelled high-density cold cured foam from leading European suppliers.
All foam qualities are fire retardant for your safety. Our upholstery are hand built in EU.