halfcaB by MSDS Studio

Halfcab derives its name from the fact that the doors cover half of the area of the cabinet face, providing equal parts concealment and display.
The doors are made of painted aluminum and are designed to drape over and slide easily along the scaffolding-like frame.

About the Designers

MSDS Studio, Jonathan Sabine and Jessica Nakanishi

MSDS Studio produces design that engages contemporary culture while adhering to the abiding principles of good design and the inheritance of craftsmanship.
Their work synthesizes considerations of material, form, space, and brief into resolved works of interior, furniture, and lighting design.
This multidisciplinarity informs the resourcefulness that is the hallmark of their practice. MSDS believes that interior space should act as a stimulating, yet intimate, interface between human and building.
MSDS is committed to ensuring that their design is executed as intended.
They remain closely involved at every stage of a project's development, and embrace the iterative, collaborative process that leads to good built work.
Through prototyping and small batch production MSDS has developed an exceptional ability to collaborate with both builders and fabricators, as well as the tools to exploit manufacturing technologies in the service of innovative, viable forms.
MSDS works with with clients and manufacturers in Scandinavia, The Netherlands, and Canada.


Oak, soap

Oak, white oil

Oak, oil

Walnut, oil


Width 182,9 cm
Depth 43,8 cm
Height 73,7 cm


Soap treatet, oiled, white oiled oak, or
oiled walnut.

Painted aluminum.
Product pictures
Product specifikations
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