PLAYdinner LAMÉ by bruunmunch

Solid wood tabletops available in the following versions

European natural oak oil treatment gives it a glow that stands nicely to the raw look, concrete, leather, metals and earth tones.
European oak white oil treatment gives it a bright glow where it still is possible to see the wood structure,
Nature and white oil are our preferred surface treatments for families with children and other homes where the table is badly exposed.

European oak, soap treatment provides the most radiating light, but is also the treatment which is the most sensitive against stains, and which requires the most maintenance.

American Walnut is for those who want more warmth and coziness in their table.
American walnut is our preferred surface treatment for families with children and other home where the table is badly exposed.

Black stained lacquered oak where it still is possible to see the wood structure through the black surface.

On our laminate tabletop the core material is MDF. Edges glued with strips of wood that matches the legs and apron
White laminate surface crystal white gives it a very modern expression.
The laminate dining table has the strongest surface for families and is very easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Extract / magazine
The table is produced with and without extraction, the extraction is two plates and it is possible to store both plates in the table magazine.

The table legs are turned in solid wood and the color always follow the table edges.

About the Designers

Henrik J. Bruun & Jacob S. Munch

A vision to create qualitative, functional and timeless furniture made Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun establish their design company bruunmunch in 2011. Since the duo took the Danish design scene, everything went fast. Their vision at the time and today is creating new design in close cooperation with designers, Danish suppliers and skilled cabinetmakers. Bruunmunchs furniture is Danish in expression, design and production.

Top plates

Oak, soap

Oak, white oil

Oak, oil

Walnut, oil

Crystal white, Laminate w/wood edge

Dimensions without extensions

Dimensions with extensions


Top plate:
Oak treated with soap, natural oil, or white pigmented oil, or Laminate.
Solid Oak