Warranty Conditions

At bruunmunch, our core mission is to offer timeless designs made from natural materials and handcrafted by skilled professionals to ensure lasting quality. Therefore, we provide a 5-year warranty on all our products. Our warranty adheres to the conditions outlined in the warranty documents. This offer is an additional service we provide beyond the mandatory warranty rights under the consumer purchase law.

What is included in the warranty?
The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects across all products in our range. It ensures that damages resulting from our production are either repaired or the product is replaced within the warranty period

Duration of the Warranty:
The warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase, delivered directly to you from our online shop www.bruunmunch.com. To activate the warranty, you must be able to document the time and place of purchase, by presenting a receipt.

Any defects or faults in a product must be reported to bruunmunch within a reasonable period after the first detection to be covered by the warranty.

What is not covered by the warranty?
— Normal wear and tear, cut marks, scratches, or other damages caused by improper use, accidents, impacts, or external influences.
— Damage and discoloration due to insufficient or incorrect care according to bruunmunch's care instructions.
— Products that are improperly stored or used, abused, altered, as well as products exposed to extreme temperature changes, placed in direct sunlight, or environments not intended for them, such as outdoors or in bathrooms.
— Knots, wind cracks, and openings in solid wood products caused by humidity changes from summer to winter.
— The warranty does not apply to replaced items where the warranty has already been used. When an item is exchanged, the original warranty ceases, and no further 5-year warranty is provided on the new item. This is instead covered by the standard warranty according to the Sales of Goods Act.

How do we handle a defect?
When you report a defect, bruunmunch will evaluate and determine if it is covered by the warranty. Subsequently, bruunmunch decides whether the damage can be repaired or if the product needs to be replaced. We cover the costs for repair or replacement. If the product is no longer available, bruunmunch will assess what an appropriate replacement product would be.

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