Transform Your Dining Table with Our Exclusive Care Range

Oil Care set

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Care set

The care sets contain all you need to maintain your solid wood furniture.

250ml Oil

180 grit sanding pad

220 grit sanding pad

White sponge used for applying oil

2 pcs. Lint free cloth used for wiping off excess oil


Care guide for solid wood

To ensure your solid wood furniture last the longest and keeps looking beautiful throughout its lifespan, it is essintial that it is cared for correctly. Wood is a natural material, and furniture made of wood will always be unique. Wood undergoes a process of change throughout its lifespan


You should try to avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. The light from the sun will naturally mature the wood and make it changes color. Be aware not to place vases or other decoration in the same spot for longer periods of time as this may cause discolouration which will be difficult to erase. Wooden furniture should be placed in rooms with a relative air humidity of 30-60% and a temperature of approximately 20°C. Wood absorbs and emits humidity according to the climate in which it is placed.Solid wood must be allowed to breathe and must therefore never be covered by an airtight material such as plastic or oilcloth for more than six hours at a time as this may cause the wood to bend or crack. 


Start by cleaning the furniture with a soft cloth firmly wrung out in clean, hot water. It is important that the furniture is completely clean and dry before treatment. Before applying oil gently sand the table with the included sand paper sponges, first with grain 180 and then with grain 220. Always sand on a dry surface, and always in the grain direction. After sanding make sure to remove all residual dust with a clean dry cloth. If removing scratches or stains be sure to sand the hole surface to avoid making spots on the table top - 


Cloths and sponges soaked with oil can ignite spontaneously. They must therefore always be placed in a closed bag with water before they are disposed of. Be cautious of your clothes and floor when oiling with our pigmented oils for white oil, and smoked oak. These oils contains pigments that maintain the color of your tables. These pigments may stain clothes, floor or other furniture.