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PLAY Chair Swing PLAY Chair Swing Bruunmunch FurniturePLAYchair Swing
PLAYchair Swing Sale priceFrom $1,155.00
PLAY Arm Chair Swing PLAY Arm Chair Swing Bruunmunch FurniturePLAY Arm Chair Swing
PLAY Arm Chair Swing Sale priceFrom $1,460.00
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Chiara Chair Chiara Chair Bruunmunch FurnitureChiara Chair Chiara Chair Bruunmunch Furniture
Chiara Chair Sale price$539.00 Regular price$770.00
PLAY Arm Chair Tube PLAY Arm Chair Tube Bruunmunch FurniturePLAY Arm Chair Tube PLAY Arm Chair Tube Bruunmunch Furniture
PLAY Arm Chair Tube Sale price$1,250.00
PLAY Chair Tube PLAY Chair Tube Bruunmunch FurniturePLAY Chair Tube PLAY Chair Tube Bruunmunch Furniture
PLAYchair Tube Sale price$940.00
PLAYchair Swing Fabric PLAYchair Swing Fabric BruunmunchPLAYchair Swing Fabric PLAYchair Swing Fabric Bruunmunch
PLAYchair Swing Fabric Sale priceFrom $905.00
PLAYchair Swing Arm Fabric (Copy) PLAYchair Swing Arm Fabric (Copy) BruunmunchPLAYchair Swing Arm Fabric (Copy) PLAYchair Swing Arm Fabric (Copy) Bruunmunch
PLAY Arm Chair Swing Fabric Sale priceFrom $1,210.00

Discover Our Premium Collection of Chairs, Crafted with Care and Precision

Immerse yourself in our exclusive range of chairs, meticulously fashioned from luxurious leather and high-quality fabric. Designed in Denmark, our collection harmoniously blends timeless elegance, sustainability, and expert craftsmanship to offer unique seating choices.

Choose between the sleek sophistication of a swivel base or the traditional stability of four legs with our versatile PLAYchairs. Each chair is designed for extended comfort, featuring plush padding and ergonomic design to ensure a superior seating experience.

Whether placed at a counter or a bar, our PLAYcounter and PLAYbar chairs elevate any environment with their refined presence and exceptional comfort.

For those desiring a natural touch, our Chiara chair combines solid wood craftsmanship with a lavish leather seat, marrying modern aesthetics with traditional charm.

Revamp your dining area with our exquisite leather dining chairs, available in classic brown or sleek black leather. Tailored to your preference, select from options with or without armrests to suit your style. Crafted by renowned Danish designers, our leather dining chairs seamlessly integrate into any dining space, exuding sophistication and charm.

Enhance your dining experience with our selection of dining chairs featuring armrests, offering both comfort and style. Elevate your space with the sophistication of our designer dining chairs, meticulously crafted to enrich your dining ambiance.

Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to match your taste, and indulge in the ultimate dining comfort with our range of dining chairs with armrests.