Our Story

In 2008, childhood friends Jacob Munch and Henrik Bruun embarked on an exciting mission: to reinvent furniture design with their brand, Bruunmunch. Driven by a deep desire for more than what the furniture industry had to offer, they set out to create furniture with exceptional quality in both design and craftsmanship. Recognized as experts in wood, their expertise has evolved over the years, resulting in beautifully crafted furniture with solid wood as the central element, inspired by Danish tradition. Now, 15 years later, Bruunmunch stands as a symbol of their dedication and expertise in the field of furniture design. Their commitment to quality and tradition is as unwavering as the day they began.

Furniture For Life

Our passion lies in crafting enduring furniture that transcends generations, reflecting our commitment to responsible production. We are dedicated to making daily choices that reduce our social and environmental impact. The majority of our furniture is proudly made in Denmark, following high EU-regulated standards. Collaboration with skilled craftsmen who share our commitment is paramount, emphasizing our belief that sustainability is achieved through designing items for lasting appreciation. We strongly believe that the details of our products define good design, which is why we exclusively collaborate with skilled craftsmen in Denmark and Europe. Prioritizing details ensures our furniture becomes a timeless part of your life, supporting our slogan, Furniture For Life.


We draw inspiration from what matters most in life to you when designing new products. Our focus is on those moments with family and friends where life gains its deepest meaning. We understand that these moments are the most significant in your life, which is why we believe it makes sense for you to invest in good design. Our products are created to be used and to provide a secure framework for the most important moments of your family. We value and respect the importance of quality and durability, and it is reflected in every design piece we create. Welcome to products that become an integral part of your life and tell the story of your most valuable moments.