Studio Tolvanen

Hailing from Finland, Mika Tolvanen carved his niche in product design after graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2001. His exemplary work was recognized with the distinguished Bruno Mathsson Prize in 2012. Collaborating with various international clientele, he expanded his horizons by establishing Studio Tolvanen with his wife, Julie, in 2015. Their creative energies converge in a shared studio space, once a bakery, located in Helsinki's vibrant Töölö district.


The EMO sofa is made of the finest aniline leather, which embodies elegance and comfort. The soft leather not only feels soft to the touch, but also becomes beautiful with age and develops a unique patina over time. Aniline leather is generally considered to be the best type of leather for furniture upholstery as it is the most natural, breathable, and durable type of leather. Unlike other types of leather, aniline leather is not covered with pigments or other chemicals, so it can retain its natural appearance and texture. Aniline leather is often considered to be the best quality leather and is regarded as premium leather compared to all other types of leather.

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