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PLAYdinner Lamé 180, 230 & 280 Dining Table PLAYdinner Lamé 180, 230 & 280 Dining Table Bruunmunch FurniturePLAYdinner Lamé 180, 230 & 280 Dining Table PLAYdinner Lamé 180, 230 & 280 Dining Table Bruunmunch Furniture
PLAYdinner Lamé, Extendable Dining Table PLAYdinner Lamé, Extendable Dining Table Bruunmunch FurniturePLAYdinner Lamé, Extendable Dining Table
PLAYdinner Lamé, Extendable Dining Table Sale priceFrom €3.986,50
Extension Plates - PLAYdinner Lamé Extension Plates - PLAYdinner Lamé Bruunmunch FurnitureExtension Plates - PLAYdinner Lamé Extension Plates - PLAYdinner Lamé Bruunmunch Furniture
Extension Plates - PLAYdinner Lamé Sale priceFrom €1.029,35

Your partner where the best moments are created.

Welcome to the heart of your home, where Danish craftsmanship meets the warmth of solid oak. We are creating dining tables that transcend the ordinary. Our PLAYdinner Ellipse series is more than just furniture;

It's a commitment to enhancing your living space with a touch of nature.

In a world dominated by screens and digital connections, we recognize the growing importance of genuine human interaction. Our dining tables provide a haven for family and friends to gather, fostering meaningful connections that last a lifetime. Crafted from FSC-certified wood, our tables not only bring nature into your living room;

But also contribute to a sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

Our PLAYdinner Lamé, produced in Denmark, epitomizes the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The solid oak construction exudes timeless elegance, adding a warm and cozy ambiance to your social hub. It's not just a piece of furniture;

It's an investment in your happiness and the memories you create around it.

Maintaining your PLAYdinner Lamé is a breeze with our specially formulated oil, ensuring longevity and durability. Our tables are designed for easy expansion, accommodating more seats for those cherished moments with loved ones.

The extension plates conveniently nest within the table, ready to be deployed when needed.

At bruunmunch, we don't just deliver furniture; we deliver a lifetime companion. We understand the importance of taking care of valuable investments, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Our commitment goes beyond selling a product;

It's about becoming a lasting part of your environment.

Let us bring the essence of Danish craftsmanship to your doorstep. Elevate your dining experience with PLAYdinner Lamé, where every meal becomes a celebration and every table tells a story.

When we say furniture for life, we mean it.

Create unforgettable memories around the PLAYdinner Lamé

When you step into a home, the dining table is often the heart where family and friends gather. PLAYdinner Lamé from Bruunmunch is more than just furniture; it's a center for togetherness, designed with a unique touch that brings people together. Inspired by the geometric formulas of French physicist Gabriel Lamé, this superellipse-shaped table combines a sense of coziness and social atmosphere typically found only at round tables. With PLAYdinner Lamé, you get not just a dining table, but a focal point that invites quality time and memorable moments.

Created by visionary designers Henrik Bruun and Jacob Munch, PLAYdinner Lamé clearly reflects Bruunmunch's passion for uniting quality and craftsmanship. With its three sizes – 180, 230, and 280 cm – the table offers a flexible solution for any home, from intimate to spacious. The solid wood, carefully selected for its strength and beauty, adds a natural warmth to any space, emphasizing Bruunmunch's commitment to sustainability and quality.

PLAYdinner Lamé grows with your needs

With the option to add up to two extension leaves, easily inserted, the table can accommodate more guests, making it ideal for both everyday use and special occasions. Its timeless design ensures it pairs well with almost any classic chairs, making it a versatile addition to any home. This adaptability makes PLAYdinner Lamé a practical and stylish solution for any occasion where family and friends gather.

Helena Katrine, a satisfied customer, shares her enthusiasm for PLAYdinner Lamé: "It's super practical and adds a nice flexibility when guests arrive. And when there are no guests, the extensions hide inside the table." This practical and aesthetic appeal is at the core of Bruunmunch's philosophy – to create furniture that is not only functional but also contributes to the warmth and inviting atmosphere of the home. PLAYdinner Lamé is an example of Bruunmunch's ability to combine functionality with beautiful design that fits into any modern home.

PLAYdinner Lamé represents more than a decade's commitment to design and craftsmanship. As the winner of "BEST OF DESIGN" from the German lifestyle magazine SCHÖNER WOHNEN, the table has already established itself as an iconic piece in modern furniture design. Its history is a tale of quality and innovation that continues to inspire and delight owners around the world. PLAYdinner Lamé stands as a symbol of Bruunmunch's dedication to creating timeless and durable furniture that brings both functionality and beauty into everyday life.

Owning a PLAYdinner Lamé table from Bruunmunch is to invest in more than just furniture; it's choosing a piece of life history that will help shape and enrich your most precious moments. Experience the unique combination of design, quality, and sustainability that PLAYdinner Lamé offers. Let this table become a central part of your home, where new memories are created and life's simple joys are shared. Explore our series of PLAYdinner Lamé tables here and see how it can add elegance and functionality to your dining room.